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Brand: Choc Affair
Build Your Own - Letterbox GiftWant to design your own gift so there is something for everyone's liking? Then this is excellent news! Design your own letterbox is available so you can personalised your tastes. Choose three of these deliciously flavoursome bars. The range consists of oat milk, dark c..
Brand: Organic Works
Bergamot DuoA truly uplifting duo for the ultimate combination in revitalising hand and body care. The ultimate combination in gentle hand and body care, clinically tested and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. The wash and lotion is packed with essential oils and fragrant wi..
Breathe Gift Set Breathe Gift Set
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Breathe Gift SetA beautiful gift box containing both bath salts and soap. Need help clearing the senses? Rosemary and Eucalyptus will allow you to breathe away any head fog and clear your mind. Relax and unwind with these therapeutic bath salts. Pink Himalayan, Dead Sea and Epsom Salts provide ..
The Dual Soap Box consists of two handcrafted soaps that smell incredible. Never mind handwashing the scent will light up your bathroom. Happy and Mother Earth have been paired beautifully with smells of sweet orange, cinnamon & clove and grapefruit, sweet orange & lemongrass. A beautiful gi..
Gentle Soul Gift Box - Sensitive SkinNeed a gift solution for someone with sensitive skin? You have found just the item. Safe to use for allergy prone sensitive skin when only unfragranced will do. A beautifully presented gift including bath salts and vegan soap to wow and friend. The soap contains ..
Happy Gift BoxA gift box which feels just that - 'happy'! Relax and unwind with the therapeutic bath salts made from pink Himalayan, dead sea and Epsom salts to provide powerful relief for aching muscles. The salts will soften the skin and naturally replenish magnesium levels all with the uplifting ..
Home Sweet HomeImagine walking through the door of your new home, jingling the keys and heading straight to the kitchen, the hub and heart of every home. Your friend calls round excited to see you with a Home Sweet Home Gift Box. Inside you find a luxurious hydrangea tea towel which instantly f..
Brand: Organic Works
The beautiful Organic Works hand wash and lotion are now available as a duo.The ultimate combination in gentle hand and body care, clinically tested for sensitive skin and eczema prone skin and packed with essential oils and fragrant lavender. A beautiful organic gift.Contains- 1 x Lavender Hand Was..
Brand: Heath
Face Wash & Shower GelA fabulous bundle to cleanse the whole body. The daily face wash prepares the skin for subsequent care especially if you are shaving. it is an exfoliating face wash with Black Lava, activated Charcoal and Brazilian Papaya Extract to cleanse, clarify and revitalise. Sounds d..
Brand: Heath
Shave Cream & MoisturiserShaving can be tough on men's skin, it can feel raw and dry if not cared for properly. That's where the shave cream and moisturiser come in. Never rush a shave, lather up the shaving cream, ideally let it sit for a minute or two to soften the hair really push in the crea..
Notes & SalveA fabulous gift set designed for him. Ideal for any gardener who suffers with dry over worked hands. (Hands working in soil and plant pots does that to you!). Perhaps it's even for your neighbour who's cared for the pets and plants whilst you've been away. An alternative to wine or ..
Brand: Organic Works
Pamper Gift Box A beautiful gift box which is guaranteed to make you feel indulged. Feel fabulous as you cleanse with the scented shower gel. After a long day it will help you unwind, treat your body and calm your mind. The essential oils will be absorbed through your lovely clean skin. A fresh..
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